10 More bullets Unblocked

10 More Bullets Unblocked Games
It is one of the bests of New unblocked games and unblocked games, 10 More Bullets. The game is one of chain action unblocked games. In this game, your aim is to destroy as many spacecraft as possible with only 10 bullets. Therefore, you will not only enhance your shooting skills with the game. You will also learn to be patient.

How To Play

In 10 More Bullets that are provided by New unblocked games, you will control a gun that was placed at the bottom center of the screen. You are supposed to shoot the spacecraft which moves from the right and left of the screen. However, do not forget this is not an ordinary shooting! You should wait for the perfect time and hit your targets. If you hit a spacecraft, your bullet will multiply. Therefore, you will create a chain reaction. Be patient and create the best chain!
In order to shoot the spacecraft, you can either press a space bar or use left click of your mouse. Keep in your eyes on the bullet meter that was placed in the top left corner of the screen!

Difficulty Level

The game has a default difficulty level which was decided on by its developer, and it stars with this default level.


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